Saturday, September 23, 2006

Casio Xj-360 - the survey

Xj-360 - this is technology High-end, placed in the smallest possible space - mobile prezentatsionnoye device, which ideally is suitable for the contemporary man of business. For this Xj-360 is completed by output RGB for the image transmission to another (additional) monitor and easily it can be fixed on the ceiling.
- Brightness of 2200 lumens: Even the bright accomodation Xj-360 excellently reproduces image - "bright" impressions from your presentation are guaranteed! !!!! Automatic correction of the trapezoidal distortions: With the selection of place for Xj-360 the owner will not collide with the strict limitations: his function of the full-automatic correction of trapezoidal distortions rapidly corrects image to the correct form.
- Dimensions of size A5: For conducting the presentations you can take Xj-360 with yourselves where conveniently. Because of its compact sizes, it will engage a little place in your bag. By size not more than the size of paper A5, Xj-360 entirely shows, on that is capable the technology "high-end".
- RGB the output: Xj-360 is completed RGB by output for the image transmission to the additional monitor, which can be arranged in other, convenient for you place of
1,8 kg: With weight only in 1,8 kg, Xj-360 the present lightweight, which gives to its owner the outstanding freedom of the movement
Wide-angle zoom lens, the two-fold optical increase: The high coefficient of increase Xj-360 gives the enormous possibilities: When your desired distance projector- screen it is possible to double, in this case the dimensions of the projected image to leave constant. Distances of 1m '0sm is sufficient for the projection of image with size into 1m 20sm... - this freedom of choice will make your success obvious both in the small telephone-box and in the large conference hall Ceiling fastening: Xj-360 when desired or need easily is attached on the ceiling, making it possible to optimally use free space.